Our Teams and Ministries

Our Teams and Ministries

We aim to have the following ministries in City of Joy. As the church grows, by the grace of God, we will expand the work that God has committed to us.

Worship Team (Choir):

The choir in City of Joy is a lively group of people brought together by the love of music and a desire to use the gift God has placed in them to tell people about God’s love. 

They lead people into the presence of the Lord in spirit and in truth. This is a ministry that is built on a foundation of prayer, fasting, knowledge of the word, right attitude and team effort.

Ushering Team: 

An usher is a church representative who plays a significant role in the smooth running of the church by ensuring that the church is ready for any worship service. The usher is also there to provide timely information for church members and visitors.

Ushers are people of integrity, who are well established in the word of God and above all, willing to serve in the house of God. They are the Gatekeepers, charged with the responsibility of guarding the entrances as well as having a general oversight of the church. Our ushers aim to facilitate a welcoming environment that is conducive for a robust encounter with God.

Visitation and follow-up Team

Relationship is key to church unity and growth. The follow-up team is mandated to promote love, friendship, and kindness among all church members. This team is responsible for following-up on visitors who attend the church service for the first time and may wish to return. They provide information about what we do at City of Joy as a corporate body. If they would like to join the church, they provide support and help them settle into the church. Otherwise, they provide assistance in recommending a more suitable church.

The team offers aim to create a spirit of oneness and togetherness among the people in and out of the church and to prevent the drifting away among new or old members. They make visitors feel welcome and support new members in becoming fully integrated into church life.

Treasury team

The treasury team is responsible for accounting for and processing all donations given to the church by all attendees. Whilst following the appropriate processes, this department is also responsible for documenting and auditing the usage of church funds.

Media & Sound Team:

Though behind the scenes, but the result of church media ministry is highly visible, making first impressions and helping to sustain relationships by communicating church messages and activities to members and the community at large. The technical department is the nerve centre of the church.

They bring together various events and activities of the church by ensuring a wonderful audio-visual worship experience at all church services and programs. They are committed to ensuring a fulfilled time in the presence of our Maker. They are responsible for all audio and video production for the church.

Sunday School Team:  

Sunday School is an integral part of our Church Service where brethren are exposed to critical study of the word of God aiming at impacting the divine nature of Christ, living a life of holiness and being a good ambassador of Christ. During Sunday School Scriptures are being searched for better understanding, effective spiritual growth and avenues to ask questions on issues concerning our spiritual welfare. 

The Sunday School team is a group of dedicated members (men and women) who teach the bible lessons from the RCCG Sunday school manual every Sunday.

Welfare Team

City of Joy aims to have a Welfare aims to provide practical support for members faced with difficult and/or desperate situations. The team coordinates plans and implements welfare initiatives of the church; which is meeting the needs of the people, so that their lives may become whole.

Publications Team

This is the team responsible for the production of City of Joy publications such as the monthly bulletin, primarily Outflow, the church’s official monthly magazine. It consists of writers, editors and designers who volunteer their talents across a range of roles and responsibilities.

Evangelism & Outreach

Evangelism and Outreach in City of Joy aims to see every individual member of the church develop compassion and a burden for soul winning. We aim to witness to people by regularly going into the community as a group and also doing door-2-door and one-2-one evangelism.

In aiming to fulfil our Lord’s mandate as in Mark 16:15 “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”, we meet for evangelism and outreach on Saturdays, 11:00am – 12:30pm


The church runs a small bookshop where members can purchase books, bibles and other audio –visual materials to support their growth in Christ. Material can also be ordered upon request.


Prayer is simply just talking to God. It is one of the greatest tools one can have, because it opens the door to a dialogue with God. Praying is like talking to your best friend! It’s easy and not complicated.

City of Joy has a group of people mandated to lead prayers in the Church. All members of the Church are encouraged to pray at all times. Prayer request form

Chosen Generation

This is the children’s church in City of Joy. Teachings are held in a separate room during Sunday services. 

Chosen generation aims to equip our children with Godly principles for everyday living in a fun-filled environment where children between the ages of 2-12 can begin their own personal relationship with God.

Teen Group

This group of 13 – 19 year olds meet for bible study on Sundays. They also plan and execute various activities throughout the year. The group aims to build up teenagers to connect with God and develop a close relationship with God through the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Good Women Fellowship

The aim of the ministry is to raise women of virtue who influence and transform lives through their God-given authority and wisdom. We aim to organise programmes that help develop the potentials, skills, dignity, worth, strength and purpose of women.

We are members of RCCG Good Women Fellowship whose vision includes:-

  • Fostering holistic development so that every woman will fulfil God’s purpose for her life
  • Encouraging women to discover, develop and maximise their God-given abilities
  • Empowering women to become vessels of honour in their ministries, marital relationships, parenting and careers
  • Foster unity amongst the women folk
  • Demonstrate the love of God to various groups of people both at home and abroad

Counselling at City of Joy

Offers confidential counsel and support to anyone dealing with difficult situations or circumstances. We are here to offer a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, or someone to help bring the wisdom of God to bear in the situations and issues that people are going through.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Action

We aim to improve our Corporate Social Responsibility by getting involved in our community and also support other charity organisations that share the same values as RCCG, spreading the gospel through meeting the needs of others.

Church Administrative Office

City of Joy aims to have a Church office handles all the day to day activities of the Church. Apart from the staff, volunteers also help with work from time to time as the need arises. The purpose of the role is to supervise and facilitate the day-to-day administrative operations of the church

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Hebrews 13: 8